You NEED to watch this blog!

The next 2+ blogs are must reads to understand serious issues facing our country that NEED to be addressed logically, accurately, and vibrantly: Who’s to blame for Maj Hassan’s jihadi attack? What’s wrong with Haiti and how do “we” fix it? Can/should we “legislate morality”?


Testing from WPToGo on my Droid

Testing to see if this app is working yet. I haven’t gotten an e-mail back yet from tech support.

Hello world!

Hey, all!  It had to happen sometime.  I am finally blogging.  Not just laughing at comments on the “24” message board or sending jabs across the fantasy league web sites.  I’m actually going “all in” and putting my thoughts on the internet.

My goals here at are to (1) hone my skills at blogging; (2) be entertaining and witty; (3) comment on the items I deem important; (4) respond to comments honestly and cheerfully; and (5) most importantly, use this blog as a springboard to get out the message about Jesus Christ and conservatism.

OK…it’s late and I need some shut eye.  Homeschooling starts early and I gotta get my sleep on.  In closing, remember the words of those famous 1990s evangelists, Bob and Larry…God made you special and He loves you VERY much.